Creamy, Chocolatey, and Delicious! 9 of the best Hot Chocolates in Galway

Galway is a diverse city full of culture, history, and cuisine. Its restaurants and cafés offer a variety of selection to many tourists who come to visit and locals who stop by when running errands.

Going to get coffee, no matter if you are a visitor or someone local, has become part of a daily routine.

But what about the people who don’t like coffee? Or always find themselves dragged to a cafe with their friends and family and feel out of place when they don’t know what to order?

Hot chocolate is an unassuming drink and one that is sometimes forgotten as a choice. It can be seen as a childish, almost naive option. 

But there are some great qualities to hot chocolate, and Galway has some great cafes that offer hot chocolate for the non-coffee lovers of the group. Here are the nine of the best hot chocolates you can get in Galway.

1 – Gourmet Tart Co.

Photos courtesy of Delaney Cha

A locally owned Galway chain that has six storefronts in the city has a wonderful hot chocolate. They have great milk to chocolate ratio in the drink and one of the flavors never overpowers the other. The drink is creamy, delicious, and well-balanced in flavor. It is a great place to stop in and grab one on the way to class or work. 

2 – 56 Central

An excellent place for breakfast or lunch. Their cafe has really wonderful coffee and hot chocolate choices for everyone. They have a variety of hot chocolate items on their menu. Their original hot chocolate is really delicious and their additions of whipped cream and chocolate chips and shavings to the top are great. It is nice, warm and is even more delicious when the extra chocolate pieces fall into the drink and melt to create a richer chocolate experience.

3 – Corrib House and Tea Rooms

Another wonderful brunch spot in the city is also located with a view of the River Corrib. This restaurant is also a part of Corrib House, a great place to stay while in Galway. The hot chocolate here is really great. It has a nice delicate balance and the chocolate does not overpower the drink. It is also served with a biscuit made in-house for dipping and the cup it is served in is nice and deep so it is a never-ending experience of hot chocolate, which is never a bad thing.

4 – Mocha Beans

A great hot chocolate from a great coffee chain in Ireland. A few stores are scattered around the city and they even have a pop-up during the Christmas Market in Eyre Square. Their hot chocolate is very rich and has a depth of chocolate flavour. Paired with whipped cream and marshmallows on top, it is a great way to warm up during a commute.

5 – Cafe Roscoes

A wonderful cafe situated on the corner of Dalys Place and Eglinton Street. The hot chocolate is simply delicious. It has a good balance of chocolate to cream, with the whipped cream on top adding to the creaminess of the drink. It also has a small dusting of cocoa powder for extra chocolate flavour.

6 – Butlers Chocolate Cafe

A tried and true chocolate lovers paradise. A unique experience located on William Street. Every drink order comes with a free chocolate sample. It is Butlers signature drink and you can definitely tell. The drink itself has a rich deep chocolate flavor that can only be achieved by a chocolate cafe. They also offer a variety of different flavors depending on the season. Highly recommend stopping if you’re ever in Galway.

7 – Root’s Cafe & Bistro

Another fabulous place to eat for any meal of the day. Situated along the banks of the River Corrib, you are sure to have a picturesque view while you sip on a warm hot chocolate. It has a nice balance between cream and chocolate, and it always comes with a nice dusting of cocoa powder on top for an extra punch of chocolate in the first sip.

8 – The Quay Street Kitchen

A great restaurant on Quay Street that just happens to have great hot chocolate to go with it. It is unassuming to pair a hot chocolate with a late dinner but it is a perfect way to help warm up in the evening especially if you don’t want to drink caffeine that late at night. It has a rich, chocolate flavor that isn’t overpowering.

9 – Mr. Waffle

Mr. Waffle is a short walk from NUI Galway’s campus and is an awesome breakfast or brunch spot in the city. The menu offers a variety of choices but their waffles are top tier, especially when paired with their beautifully decorated hot chocolate. The drink is creamy and the chocolate is not too heavy and complements a choice of waffles nicely.

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