Introducing Galway’s Newest Band, The Getz

The Getz are about to break into the music scene in Galway.

They are gearing up for their first ever live gig in Áras na nGael on Monday. The band had been waiting for restrictions to be eased to make their first show a memorable one.

The punk band made up of trio Shane Hyland on vocals and lead guitar, Patrick Flemming on drums and Darren Coppinger on bass.

Other bands, French Ketamine and Undercover Martians will also be performing at the show, called “Up In Áras”.

The Getz formed during the Covid 19 lockdown,

“During lockdown we were all very bored,” said Shane

“Me and Darren were already in a band years ago that was very much dead. We were just practising for fun, Shane came along and we jammed really well together.” continued Patrick.

While the Covid pandemic hampered the success of many musicians and artists, The Getz insist that Galway was still a vibrant city throughout,

“There’s a lot of band that will support each other.”

“Even during lockdown there was stuff going on, like summer sessions.” Darren said.

While The Getz have never performed live before, the members have plenty of experience on the music scene,

“We use to run gigs with Rock Soc back in college, we’re used to doing stuff like that.” said Patrick.

Looking to their future, the band are hopeful of success,

“Our major goal would be to have a good few gigs. Then sell out something big, like the Róisín.”

Catch The Getz performing in Áras na nGael  as part of the “Up In Áras” show at 8pm on Monday, 28 February.

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