Staycation – Galway’s finest beaches and secret spots

By Anastasiya Sytnyk

Summer is coming and we are all desperate for a bit of sun on our milky lockdown skin. Here are some beautiful beaches you should visit with your family so the kids can build sandcastles and you can work on your summer tans. Each beach has its perks and photogenic aspects. 

Salthill Beach

Often people living near or around Salthill take this beach for granted. But for those living away from the scenic views of the ocean may find this place a heaven on earth. Although busy during 90 per cent of the year there are a few spots at this beach that simply take your breath away. 

Secret tip, go by the Salthill aquarium. There is a special secret spot by crossing the road near the bottle banks. You will see a no diving sign, if you look down there will be a little staircase going down. 

Salthill Beach

Traught Beach

First of all, this beach is perfect for quality family time. Beautiful clean sandy beaches with little hazard for the little ones, and plenty of landscape for walking your dog or talking a walk by yourself. 

During the Summer months there are lifeguarding services that are active which means that you can relax and feel safe while swimming in the ocean. 

This beach is a perfect getaway for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go to a rural beach.

Renvyle Beach

If you’re the type of person looking for not only a beach but also views of mountains and fantastic scenery this beach is for you. Located in charming Connemara, about an hour and a half drive away from Galway city, it is enclosed by the islands of Clare and Inishturk and surrounded by mountains Achill, Mweelrea and Croagh Patrick. It’s the perfect beach for people who love to be surrounded by nature.

You can take a walk while listening to the crashing waves of the ocean and having your eyes set on the beauty that surrounds you.

Families can spend a whole day or even two away from everything, including work, school, Covid-19 and parents-in-law. Why not book a B&B in Tullycross not far away and take the kids out for a hike, a swim, and a downright good time? 

Pack a few Capri Sun and water to stay hydrated and off you go. Warning! You may not want to leave.

Renvyle Beach

Tra an Doilin Beach/ Coral beach

Sick of your children getting below 50 per cent on their Irish tests? This beach is just the place where you can both enjoy the ocean views, salty fresh air, as well as force your kids to practice their basic Irish. Tra an Doilin is the perfect Gaelic paradise. 

If you are afraid of seaweed sliding across your feet and threatening your every move this beach will offer you peace of mind with its water clear, and its mesmerizing golden beaches where you would question, “Are we really in Connemara and not some fancy holiday abroad?”

This beach is really a wonder to behold, never too busy, and never too far to pay a cheeky visit.

Coral beach
Coral Beach, Ireland

Spiddal Beach

This one is a little less peaceful than the earlier mentioned beaches, however, do not let that take away from the experience of the rocky outcrops and clear sandy beach which is about 200 meters long and is sure to give your dog a happiness overload. 

This is a perfect getaway for those living near or in the village of Spiddal. It is a place you can collect beautiful sea shells and go for a long relaxing walk away from the busy city and its traffic.

Spiddal Beach

Silverstrand Beach

If you are really looking to escape the city this is probably the best beach to go to. This beach is located a couple of kilometers to the west of Galway City and is known for its shallow, calm waters and for being a perfect spot for a beach picnic for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s a calming place open you can take a book and just lay out enjoying the sunshine for hours. This is a very popular family spot, so you are bound to make friend

Silver strand Beach

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