Galway kayaking hotspots and where to find them

By Anastasiya Sytnyk

Kayaking has become a favourite form of water sport in Galway. Every time you go down towards the Spanish Arch you will see a couple of kayakers challenging the harsh waves and unsteady waters.

It is mesmerising to watch how kayakers manoeuvre and manipulate the water to behave in their favour, it’s no wonder people stop and stare in anticipation.

Galway is the proud home of the Galway Kayaking Club which means that sightings of talented kayakers can be found everywhere you go (not to mention we are literally surrounded by water, a kayaker’s dream).

For those of you who are thinking about starting to kayak, but are unsure as to where to start and where it is safe for beginners, here are some helpful tips from club’s chair, Dónal Glackin.

“The upper section is perfect for training beginners in safety procedures and it also offers plenty of long flat straights, for those wishing to do long distance or practise racing in K1 boats,” says Donal.

In terms of the lower section of the city waterways, it can be intimidating for those of us still getting used to the motion of the ocean, but it is very exciting for those who want to practice their white-water skills.

According to Donal, “the out- flow from the canal into Jury’s Drop is also a great way to get comfortable with going off drops which are a regular feature of white-water kayaking”.

So, if you’re ready to make the next step in your kayaking journey make sure to check out these spots.


Don’t forget about the Bay which has various options for those of you who are comfortable with sea kayaking.

The Galway Kayaking Club accommodates all disciplines of kayaking including white water, sea kayaking, racing, water polo, freestyle and canoeing.

“There is a great community atmosphere as paddlers of all lev- els in the club are always happy to help those who are learning.

“We make sure we run trips for people of all levels making the club very accessible to paddlers who are just starting out and ones who are long time kayakers”.

So, don’t be anxious, you’re in good hands. Galway is a kayaking safe space, as you have eyes on you non-stop it is hard to find yourself in situations where you are unsupervised, simply because Galwegians love it.

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