Galway faces weeks more of lockdown

Galway is facing at least another two weeks of lockdown, according to the latest update on COVID-19 restrictions.

The announcement comes three months into the latest lockdown.

The latest update follows a “grim” report from the National Public Health Emergency (NPHET). The slow vaccine rollout has impacted the timeline for Irish businesses reopening.

The 5km travel limit is set to remain until mid-April. Major retail outlets will not be re-opened and construction sites will remain shut. Click and collect may start in May.

GAA senior county training will be resuming from mid-April. Children’s sports, as well as golf and tennis are also expected to return at this time.

Galway Councillor Alan Cheevers stated that the “gradual approach” is needed, in order to avoid a repeat of past waves of infection.

“We need to keep the numbers down, so we don’t go back to the same situation we saw in November,” he said.

This was in reference to the winter lockdown that preceded a “meaningful” Christmas.

The gradual approach has been utilised by the Government to lessen the pressure on hospital services.

Councillor Cheevers predicted a broader easing of restrictions in “July or August”.

Green Party Councillor Niall Murphy emphasised the importance of re-opening sport clubs and facilities.

“Recent complaints about teenagers public drinking have surged,” he said. “With the months of closures, many young people may not come back to sports, having lost interest after so long.”

This rise has been linked to the lack of social outlets for young people.

Inter-county sports may regain ‘elite’ status in a matter of weeks.

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