We Can Be Zero group aims to make this lockdown our last

By Liam De Brún

A Galway group is campaigning for Ireland to adopt a Zero Covid approach in the country’s fight against the pandemic. 

Galway Can Be Zero, a local group within the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group’s  (ISAG) campaign “We Can Be Zero”, is calling on the Government to make a change. 

Co-founders of Galway Can Be Zero Sinéad Ní Faoláin and Susan McGrady believe the Government’s approach must change to ensure the safety of the Irish. 

“We want to attract people through social media, ask them to spread the word, and get the notion out there that elimination is the only solution that will get us out of this safely,” said Ms Ní Faoláin. 

Ms O’Grady believes the campaign must be brought to the attention of the Government.

“Our aim is to get cases as close to zero as humanly possible. It’s time for the Government to take action. We need to put pressure on the Government to say this is your responsibility to take the measures that have proven to work in other countries,” she said. 

The Galway branch of the “We Can Be Zero” campaign was launched this month to further boost their message as a lack of movement in Ireland’s lockdown protocol is leaving many frustrated. 

 “People have gotten quite merciless online. We’re not seeing each other as humans anymore,” said Ms O’Grady. 

Ms Ní Faoláin sees Galway Can Be Zero as a chance to regain the feeling of togetherness in a community. 

“What We Can Be Zero is pushing for is for the people who are unhappy with the Government to ask for change,” she said. 

The campaign seeks to bring awareness to multiple issues facing Ireland.

“Public health needs to be properly resourced, so they can do the proper tracing, tracking down, and isolating cases to prevent clusters and outbreaks. Write letters to the TDs, when they see the population are behind the movement, they will get behind it too,” said, Ms O’Grady. 

Ms Ní Faoláin is sure the campaign’s message will help bring Galway and the rest of Ireland back to normality, “Get it down. Keep it down. Keep it out”. 

The campaign seeks to take down any potentially false narratives surrounding Zero Covid.

“If you manage the pandemic properly and get the numbers down towards zero then the economy and health back. Everything spins on getting the virus managed properly,” said Ms Ní Faoláin.

Ms O’Grady wants the campaign to bring some positivity back to Ireland. 

“I look at New Zealand and I’m bitterly jealous of how fulfilling it is. I want to see us have community, fulfilment, and joy,” she said. 

Ms Ní Faoláin maintains the first step of bringing Ireland back to normal is taking a Zero Covid approach saying “the joy will come when we get zero deaths and cases. Then the connection will return”.

For more information on the campaign visit We Can Be Zero.

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