Calling all writers for 12th annual Fiction Slam

Do you have what it takes to win the renowned Fiction Slam?  If so, get ready because the 12th annual Over the Edge Fiction Slam is quickly approaching. 

The competition will be hosted online and will be judged by rising authors Una Mannion and Alvy Carragher. 

Over the Edge is Galway City’s literary events organisation. Run by Kevin Higgins and Susan Millar DuMars, its goal is to serve, “writers and literature fans in the Galway area [by hosting] poetry readings, fiction readings, poetry workshops, and creative writing classes”. 

The Fiction Slam came about after the realisation that there are a lot of platforms for poets to read their work, but not novelists.  

Mr Higgins said: “We thought wouldn’t it be great fun to organise a fiction slam in Galway. To provide a platform for novels and short stories, but also for it to be fun.” 

Every month Over the Edge holds a featured reading followed by an open mic night for new writers. The online venue provides an opportunity for new and old writers to come together to experience their artwork. 

In the past, Over the Edge has hosted both Ms Mannion and Ms Carragher as monthly featured readers.

Ms Carragher said: “The important thing about what Over the Edge does is that they are constantly nurturing young writers, so whether it’s this slam or one of their open mics, show up… read… repeat. You might be surprised by what happens if you put your work out there consistently.” 

Mr Higgins said, “[Alvy and Una] know what Over the Edge is about, especially as writer’s who have been through it themselves. It’s an organic approach to have them judge the competition.” 

Alvy Carragher author of The Cantankerous Molly Darling and Falling in Love with Broken Things 

This month is different from the rest as it is the annual competition, the Fiction Slam.  

Each competitor will receive five minutes to share their story aloud. The competition is broken into two rounds. Three writers will be chosen to move on to the second round and after that the winner is declared.  

The grand winner will not only receive two classy bottles of wine, but also a delicious box of chocolates. 

Ms Carragher said: “Events like this allow you to showcase your work whether or not you win. You really never know who might be in the audience… and by putting your work out there, you learn not only that you can do it but that your words deserve to live a little, not just gather dust in a folder somewhere.” 

Mr Higgins said: “The thing I enjoy most [about the Fiction Slam] is the person who is really nervous but gets a really good reaction from the crowd and grows in confidence. It tends to happen for the first couple of people. I enjoy seeing the event catch flame and come alive.”  

Over the Edge is still looking for people to join in the competition. If interested contact Kevin Higgins at 087-6431748 or email him at  

The first 15 writers to contact him will be guaranteed a spot in the competition.  

All are welcome to join and listen in to The Fiction Slam which will begin at 8pm on April 9th. 


Meeting ID: 738 901 3549 

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By: Kiani Hildebrandt

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