Animal charities advice on keeping your pets safe during Halloween

By Noah Murray

As we get closer to Halloween night celebrations, MADRA and other animal care organisations have released advice on how to take care of pets during what can be a stressful time for them. 

The main cause of stress for animals and particularly dogs is fireworks being set off. The sudden and loud noises from fireworks can spook dogs so it is recommended to keep them on a lead if taking them on walks. 

What to do to prevent animals’ stress?

When at home a source of noise like from a television or radio can help dampen noise and take your pet’s attention from the fireworks outside. 

Keeping your pets busy by having toys available for them to distract themselves also helps.

Keeping sweets and chocolates out of reach from pets is strongly advised as they can be poisonous to animals if consumed.

It is also wise to not leave your pets alone during the festivities as it is hard to predict how they will react. If they are left alone they run the risk of injuring themselves attempting to get away from the noise of fireworks.

Also any candles or potential fire hazards like jack-o-lanterns should be out of reach from pets as they run the risk of hurting themselves on the flames or knocking them over, causing a fire.

Dog and pet costumes are not encouraged as they can be quite uncomfortable for the animal and can be a source of great stress. Instead, festive bandanas or collars are recommended.

Most importantly, having your pets microchipped and registered is highly recommended. Especially in the case of dogs, as if they should be spooked and run away it will be much easier to find and identify them.

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