Funding to redevelop Gaillimh le Gaeilge website approved by Minister of State for the Gaeltacht, Patrick O’Donovan T.D.

Claddagh, Galway

By Ailiadh Walsh

It was announced on Friday, 6 October 2023 that the Minister of State for the Gaeltacht, Patrick O’Donovan T.D is to provide a grant of €9,255 to Gaillimh le Gaeilge to enable them to rebuild the organisation’s website.

Galway has been designated as one of the Gaeltacht Service Towns under the Gaeltacht Act 2012 and a Language Plan has been prepared for it, which was approved in 2020. The main objective of the Language Plan is to increase the use of Irish as the community language. Gaillimh le Gaeilge work with Galway City Council, Galway Chamber and other groups to develop and strengthen Galway City’s official status as a bilingual city

The language plan demonstrates that Galway is immensely important as a Gaeltacht Service Town because the city has a long-established reputation for Irish and is adjacent to the country’s largest and strongest Gaeltacht area.

So who are Gaillimh le Gaeilge?: They are based in Galway City and aim to promote the Irish language in the Galway area, particularly in the business sector. Their primary schemes include ‘Cairde Ghaillimh le Gaeilge’, ‘Gaeilge sa Ghnó’ business service, ‘Irish on Menus’ and ‘Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh’. Gaillimh le Gaeilge is a nonprofit company that employs three people on a full-time basis.

The funding granted aims to help Gaillimh le Gaeilge’s conduct a full audit of their current website. The website will have a new attractive design while providing a clear path to guide the user into different streams of the site, for further information on Gailimh le Gaeilge check them out on

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