EirGrid claims Galway can positively benefit from cleaner energy sources

EirGrid Energy Citizens Roadshow at the Salthill Hotel. Photo Martina Regan

By Lex Luddy

EirGrid, the state-funded electric power transmission operator in Ireland, held an event at the Energy Citizens Roadshow in Salthill this past Wednesday.

During the event, the operator of the nation’s electricity grid addressed a large crowd to promote the benefits of transitioning the power supply to a cleaner system.

Part of this was outlined by EirGrid’s Derek Carroll, who discussed plans to prepare the country’s electric grid to carry 17 gigawatts more renewable electricity by 2030.

The Sustainable Energy Community Mentor, Mel Gavin, called for homes to be more energy efficient, highlighting that home heating accounts for 80% of energy use, of which 30% is lost through the roof and another 30% is lost through walls.

A representative of ESB Networks also explained how smart meter installations could help individuals manage and save money on their electricity bills in the meantime.

According to Gerry Noone of ESB Networks, 1.3 million smart meters have already been installed across the country, which he claims have helped homeowners and businesses make more informed choices about their energy consumption.

Sinead Dooley, EirGrid’s Head of Public Engagement, said: “Listening and engaging with the public of Galway City and county has provided invaluable insights as we work to develop critical infrastructure that will not only support greater energy independence but will help communities to prosper and grow.”

Dooley added, “The large audience who took the time to come along to this event despite weather conditions, shows the appetite for information when it comes to energy.”

EirGrid’s goal is to achieve 80% clean electricity by 2030 through wind and solar power.

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