Galway’s best brunch spots

When Harry met Sally, when Romeo met Juliette, when breakfast met lunch….

You can have it at 11am or 2pm, and it’s still considered ‘brunch’. By far one of the trendiest meals you can have nowadays, to cut it short brunching is in; and lucky for you Galway is a foodies dream at any time of day.

Here are my top 5 picks on where to get the best brunch in Galway:

Ard Bia

ard bia
Tucked in at Spanish Arch, Ard Bia is a classic for locals and tourists alike, and for good reason. From its ever-varying menu, all made with the finest and freshest ingredients, Ard Bia is a must try. Whether you wake up in the mood for sweet or savory, you won’t leave the cosily decorated restaurant disappointed.

Greens & Co

Don’t be mistaken, Greens & Co is not just for the veggie community out there. With the best of homemade plant-based ingredients, this West End eatery serves up the good stuff. From a vegan take on a full-Irish to fluffy delicious pancakes, they offer it all. Having recently won the best free from restaurant in Connacht at the Irish Restaurant Awards, make sure this one’s on your brunch bucket list.


No matter what, there is always a queue outside this iconic Galway restaurant at brunchtime. Nestled away on Dominick Street, Dela’s wide variety menu is sure to have something for everyone. The numerous awards on the door alongside the stellar reviews should be enough to draw you into this Pinterest worthy restaurant.

Jungle Café

Jungle Cafe
This quirky, wildlife inspired café on Forster Street is one to keep in mind for your next brunch outing. Enjoy your meal while taking in the unique, outdoor influenced décor. The hidden gem serves everything from refreshing açai bowls to sweet, indulgent crepes, each dish as tasty as the next.

The Lighthouse Café

Lighthouse Cafe
Another beloved Galway food spot, the renowned Lighthouse Café offers an amazing brunch menu. With two locations, one in Terryland and another on Abbeygate Street, this vegetarian specialising café is sure to make all your brunch dreams come true. After trying them far too many times, I highly recommend the pancakes.

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