Carrie’d away: NUI Galway Musical Society returns with Carrie the Musical

Katie Feeney, who plays Carrie

Theatre doors have opened back up and the NUI Galway Musical Society relaunched with a bang with their version of Carrie the Musical. 

Although initially apprehensive as to how the NUIG Musical Society were going to reproduce this dark and twisty parable, it must be said that they pulled it off completely. From the set décor to the lighting, the show was enjoyable to watch from start to finish. 

The opening sequence was simply outstanding. The vocals were powerful and projected through the whole theatre creating a chilling atmosphere, foreshadowing the doom to come at the end of the play.

The orchestra, who sat at the back of the stage conveying an ominous shadow affect, were exquisite. Not a beat was missed as they worked in unison to create the eerie ambience of a hormone infested high school.

The lead in this musical, Katie Feeney, was the star of this show. Within the first seconds of hearing her opening vocals, you could see jaws all around drop to the floor.

The diversity in her voice was unmatched as she ranged from delicate sweet notes to strong power ballads.

The control Miss Feeney had over her voice shows exactly how seasoned she is in regards to singing as every note she hit was perfect.

Following this, the performance of “Do Me A Favour” just before the second act held so much energy and stood out specifically.

The battle of good and evil between the two couples, Chris and Billy and Sue and Tommy, was a scene with such intensity that you couldn’t help but feel stunned when the lights went down.

Entering the second act, the energy of anticipation in the room was palpable as friends, family and theatre enthusiasts re-convened to their seats.

The choreography in the prom performance held the stage captive. The choreographer, Michael Healy, displayed his experience in the art of dance here particularly. 

The vitality of this ensemble was incomparable with the other dance performances through the play and added so much to the final scenes.

Running from 1-5 February, The Black Box Theatre invites all to escape for two hours whilst entering Bates High School, following the story of Carrie White. Based on the book by Stephen King, this musical depicts a coming of age story with a horror twist. 

For just €11 per ticket this show was extremely worth my while and an excellent method of mid-week escapism.

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