Permission granted to extend SuperValu in Loughrea

By Keith Faherty

Galway City Council has approved the expansion of Supervalu in Loughrea, subject to conditions.

Greenstream ULC secured the permission for completing the expansion project at the supermarket in Cosmona, Loughrea.

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The extension to the shopping centre will incorporate an area of 64 sqm from an adjacent retail unit.

The county council had asked for the intended utility of the expansion from the developer back in February when the area was being utilised to store trolleys.

“It is intended to use the extended area for the retail sale of comparison goods”, the developer had mentioned.

“This activity is ancillary to, and in keeping with, the wider permitted use of the supermarket as per the parent planning permission.”

The planning approval from Galway City Council was subject to four conditions.

The council stated: “This space shall not be used for the sale of comparison goods which would normally be found in town centre locations.”

“This excludes the sale of clothing, footwear, food, books/music/toys, small goods, all service activities including personal services, financial services.”

The developer is also expected to pay a sum of €1,376 to contribute to the public service facilities that would be introduced inside the complex.

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