Galway allocated €857,000 for repairs to private rural roads

By Keith Faherty

Galway County Council gives a sum of €857,000 to help maintain rural private roads.

The money was received as part of a Local Improvement Scheme grant.

It will cover 90% of the money needed for repairs to the roads.

The other 10% of the cost be paid by landowners and owners of houses who gain access by these roads.

Former Galway West TD Seán Kyne said: “There has never been enough money for rural roads. Spending on these roads has increased year on year for the past number of years. 

Maintenance occurs when you reach the local roads and cul-de-sacs.  These are the roads that residents of an area use daily, and they get the least amount of money.”

Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring has put forward an estimate of €10 million to help with the looking after of roads and laneways,

as they are not usually looked after by the county council.

These rural roads will give usage to people’s houses and their farms, as well as beaches and lakes in the locality.

Individuals who use these roads will have to contribute a sum of €1,200 to work that needs completion on the rural roads.

Seán Kyne said: “In addition, there has been an increase of funding for private cul-de-sacs and bog roads under the Local Improvement Scheme – approximately €1m/year for Galway. 

So yes, there is always a need for more funding for rural roads”.

“I think Galway roads, are reasonably well kept, especially in comparison to other counties,” said Mr Kyne.

“There are always stretches of roads which are in poor condition and priority is given to the local primary and regional roads when repairs are made. 

We need more resources for road maintenance, while more is being given year on year we are always playing catch up due to cuts from 2009 to 2014.”

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