Restrictions on Galway City Council Services due to coronavirus

By Robyn Kilroy

Galway City Council has put restrictions on some of their services following the coronavirus pandemic.

The City Council encourage that all payments to them should be made over telephone or online.

They also ensure that suppliers to the Council will continue to be supported. In a statement they said:

“Galway City Council is working to ensure that cashflow is maintained to our Suppliers of Goods and Services and our payments to them are being processed on a regular basis.”

The City Council’s Housing Counter will remain closed until further notice. However, housing queries can be made over the phone, email or post.

If a housing query is urgent and requires face-to-face contact, then the Council can arrange this by appointment only.

Galway City Council also urges housing tenants to deal with the Housing Department over phone or email.

They also said that they are giving consideration to elderly and vulnerable tenants.

All City Council facilities under licence arrangements are currently closed, along with their public facilities until further notice. These include:

-All Weather Sports Facilities

-Boxing Club at Westside

-Community Centres at Cappagh, Renmore and Westside

-Dressing Rooms at Westside, South Park, Crestwood, Ballybane, Cappagh and the Plots Woodquay

-Snooker Hall, South Park

-The Town Hall Theatre, Black Box Theatre and Galway City Museum

-All Galway Public Libraries

Allotments at Merlin and Westside, beaches, cemeteries, grass pitches, playgrounds, public parks, tennis courts and woodlands are still open. However, the City Council are advising for all to adhere social distancing guidelines in these areas.

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