Masses will remain postponed until further notice

An announcement made by four Archbishops directly by the Irish Government that mass said indoors of 100 people in attendance, will be put on hold. 

Fr Michael Brennan said “very much so, [these are] directions from the Health Board and [in] safety, it is too many crowds, superior numbers.”

They are considering not ruling out masses of less than 100 people, but there would be the cancellation of Confirmations and Communions that would run in April and May.

Barna Church, West of County Galway

Rescheduling is in doubt after speaking to Barna parish priest, Father Michael Brennan.

He said “people can visit, light a candle, and say their prayers.”

Several funerals, weddings and christenings would also be time-limited.

Protective gloves should be worn and visiting hours can’t exceed five minutes.

Father Brennan said “we got the all-clear from the Health Board, but people’s health remain in danger.

People to keep their distance, not knowing what it is going to be like washing their hands very important, showing people by putting them into the right directions on following procedures”.  

In most cases, mass will be celebrated privately by parish priests over the coming weeks, and churches will remain open for individual prayer during regular hours.

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