EU-coordinated approach for coronavirus welcomed by Justice Minister

By Robyn Kilroy

The Minister of Justice has welcomed an EU coordinated approach to combating the coronavirus.

Minister Charlie Flanagan joined a video conference along with Ministers for Health and Interior from EU and Schengen countries, and health officials. EU Commissioners Lenarcic (Crisis Management), Kyriakides (Health and Food Safety) and Johansson (Home Affairs) were also involved in the video call.

The primary purpose of the video meeting was to discuss border management and health issues, along with new Commission guidelines.

Minister Flanagan welcomed a coordinated EU approach, emphasising the importance of not disrupting the free movement of goods, and facilitating suppliers delivering essential goods.

Minister Flanagan said “on behalf of the Irish Government, I welcomed plans to coordinate the procurement of important items such as ventilators and test equipment.

“Efficient and speedy transport is essential, especially when it comes to medical necessities to ensure that all Governments across the EU can deal with this extremely serious situation,” said Minister Flanagan.

Minister Flanagan also said: “Just as Ministers are working closely together here in Ireland, it is very important that at EU level, we continue to remain in close contact, sharing information and perspectives and cooperating with one another in a spirit of solidarity at this exceptionally difficult time.”

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