Digital Pop-up pub opens amid nationwide closures

By Declan Harte

A digital pop-up pub is offering an alternative for Irish pub lovers across the world. 

The Robers Return is an online replacement to the traditional Irish pub. It gives people the chance to mingle while remaining at home.

“While we are all at home because of coronavirus, we needn’t be totally isolated, and The Robers Return will allow people to chat, enjoy some music and song and hopefully find their spirits raised,” said Liam Horan, the proprietor of The Robers Return.

“We are not implementing a smoking ban, customers can eat and drink whatever they want and they can even go into a different room if they wish to avoid the pub bore.

“There is no cover charge but we can only fit 150 in the door so you better book your spot now.”

The Robers Return have also advised would-be patrons that “if you’re a singer, sing when called upon and don’t make a song and dance of it. If you’re a dancer, step it out.  And if you recite poetry, sit down and enjoy the singers and dancers.”

You can secure your spot at The Robers Return here: All customers are strongly advised to wash their hands before, during and after their visit to The Robers Return.

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