NUIG and Defence Forces develop wipe to combat coronavirus

By Declan Harte

A company based at NUI Galway has developed a disinfectant wipe which could “significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19”.

Aquila Bioscience have been working with the Irish Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the European Defence Agency to develop a disinfectant wipe which decontaminates surfaces from bacterial, viral and biotoxin threats.

The ABwipe serves as a decontamination wipe for first-responders, healthcare workers and civilians which significantly reduces the risk of person-to-person transmission of diseases like coronavirus.

The company has been in collaboration with the Irish Defence Forces for four years in developing this technology.

The wipe contains components that decontaminate surfaces including skin and contains no harmful ingredients.

Aquila Bioscience say many current decontamination measures contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin, the health of the user and the environment.

“The concept for this technology was driven by the Irish Defence Forces and an identified capability need in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) protection measures,” said Professor Lokesh Joshi, co-founder and director of Aquila Bioscience, and Vice-President for Research and Innovation at NUIG

Prof Joshi described the AB wipes as a “valuable technology” for soldiers in the fight against coronavirus.

“This unprecedented situation requires unprecedented measures and the DF have committed to the purchase of a consignment of the AB wipes for troop force protection measures.”

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