People Before Profit to host climate change workshop in Galway

By Qin Ding

A workshop called ‘Why capitalism can’t stop climate change’ will be hosted by People Before Profit (PBP) NUI Galway on Thursday.

Conall Mc Callig is an activist with PBP and treasurer of the NUI Galway branch said that capitalism is the main driver behind climate change, and we must change our economic system in order to defeat it.

“Infinite economic growth on a finite planet is not compatible with the steps we must take to defeat the twin climate and biodiversity crises. Looking at historical statistics, it is clear that rises in global emissions, air temperatures, etc, can be linked back to the industrial revolution and the birth of capitalism.”

According to Mr Callig, in order to tackle climate change, those who have contributed the most towards global emissions must pay for it.

The Carbon Majors Report (2017) indicated that 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988.

Mr Callig said these companies should carry the burden, not the working class. Money collected from taxing the most-wealthy should be used to invest in “public green energy companies and green cooperatives”.

He also suggested that public transport should be made free for all in order to reduce vehicle emissions. There should also be incentives for farmers to entice them to move towards more sustainable methods of farming.

“There is no point in having Socialism on a dead planet. It is essential that Socialism is green, that the transition of Socialism also includes a just transition for workers from our current fossil fuel centred society to a much greener society” said Mr Callig.

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