Unemployment rate remains static for February

By Sharon Dolan D’Arcy

February unemployment rates in Ireland are 4.8% and haven’t changed from January; however rates are lower than February 2019 when they were 5%.

That’s according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) monthly unemployment statistics published today.

The number of persons unemployed was 120,100 in February 2020, compared to 119,700 in January 2020. When compared to February 2019, there was an annual increase of 200 in persons unemployed.

The CSO breaks down its monthly figures according to gender, reporting that in February 2020 the unemployment rate was 5.0% for males, remaining unchanged from January 2020, and down from 5.3% in February 2019.

For males, the total unemployed in February 2020 was 66,700 remaining unchanged from January 2020. 

In February 2020 the total number of females unemployed was 53,400 compared to 52,900 in January 2020.

The statistics released also highlight the youth unemployment rate (persons aged 15-24 years) as 11.4% in February 2020 down from 11.5% in January 2020.

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