Impact of Storm Debi demands for better flood defences along the Galway coastline 

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By Ananda Patrasco

The effects of Storm Debi, that hit in the early hours of Monday morning, can be seen throughout Galway. Some areas that have been majorly impacted by flooding include Galway city, Oranmore and Clarinbridge.

Galway County Council have been and are continuing to conduct clean ups at the impacted places such as Silverstrand and Ballyloughane. 

ESB reports that as of 13 November there were still 34,000 of their customers were left without supply, from the peak of 100,000.

Many were left without power overnight and though ESB are working hard to restore power there are still customers throughout Galway left without power, that is scheduled to return later today. 

As Galway City being one of the most negatively impacted by storm Debi, Galway Councillor Liam Carroll urges the government to take action to protect the coastlines from storms in the future, he says: “We will need a lot of money to build proper flood defences.

“Humanitarian money is fine as emergency funding, but we need long term funding to prevent any devastation. To prevent that occurring again we will need to build up flood defences along the coastline.”

People Before Profit declare that better natural flood defences are needed in Galway City, as are the rights of workers in weather advisory situations. Adrian Curran, People Before Profit representative for Galway City Central said: “A coastal city like Galway should have flood and storm surge defences as a key priority for every development. 

“Unfortunately, as time has gone on, we have removed more green spaces from the city, created more tarmac roads and runoffs and have allowed nowhere for water to dissipate freely. As climate change worsens, we will experience stronger flooding events and we are not prepared for them.”

The Council advises that business and property owners that are need of assistance to contact the Galway City Council on 091 536 400 or at

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