The ‘no’ vote wins in historic Australian referendum

By Kevin Dowling

On Saturday 14 October, Australian citizens were called to vote in the Indigenous Voice referendum, which returned a ‘no’ result.

The Australian referendum was about the recognition of the First Nations people and the creation of a body called “The Voice” representing them and who would advise the government.

If it was approved, an alteration of the constitution to establish the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice body would have occurred.

Unfortunately for the ‘yes’ campaigners, the opponents to this proposal won and the Australian constitution will not be changed.

They claimed that passing this referendum would diminish the inequalities between the white people and the Indigenous people.

The ‘no’ campaigners on their side were not sure about how good and effective the “The Voice” assembly would be in front of the government.

A decisive win for the ‘no’ vote

With eight million Australians voting against the recognition of rights for indigenous people in the constitution, the ‘no’ vote won by slightly over 60%.

This means that less than 40% percent of voters wanted this law to pass in the constitution. The ‘yes’ vote was lost in all six Australian states.

Prime Minister reaction

Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia, is disappointed in the results however he acknowledges and accepts the outcome of his failed referendum.

Albanese had much hope that the ‘yes’ vote would win but knew it would be a tight result.

Despite the result of last weekend’s referendum, Albanese keeps “hope” in reducing discrimination towards the First Nations people.

“Constitution change may not have happened tonight, but change has happened in our great nation,” he said.

“Respect and recognition is given at events, the fullness of our history has begun to be told, maintain your hope and know that you are loved.”

He also added that “tonight is not the end of the road.”

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