Galway to experience Indian summer as mini heatwave sweeps Ireland

Photo: Chaosheng Zhang

By Joseph Murray

Galway is set to experience an Indian summer this weekend, with temperatures of over 23°C forecast in parts of the county.

The west coast looks likely to be the main beneficiary of the mini heatwave, with Met Eireann forecasting the highest temperatures in parts of Galway and Clare. 

However, a lengthy dry spell does not seem to be on the horizon. Although temperatures could remain as high as 20°C throughout next week, showers are due to return nationwide from Monday onwards.

Local forecast

It looks likely to be a fruitful weekend for Galway. Highs of 21°C are forecast on Saturday, along with sunshine and moderate winds. 

The high temperatures will continue into Sunday, although dropping slightly to around 18°C.

Heading into next week, the outlook is far less positive. Although the temperatures will remain high to start the week, the rain is due to return on Tuesday evening and it will continue into Wednesday. 

Climate worries

Although the rise in temperatures may come as good news following a bleak summer in Ireland, the figures also bring cause for concern. 

According to Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), an organisation implemented on behalf of the European Commission, September 2023 was the warmest September on record globally, with an average surface air temperature of over 16°C. 

Meanwhile, in Europe, September 2023 was the warmest September on record, shattering the previous record, from September 2020, by 1.1°C.

For more information, the full report can be read here

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