Bedbug infestations strike Paris ahead of Ireland’s crucial RWC clash with Scotland

By Noah Murray

In an unexpected turn for many tourists and Parisians enjoying the conclusion of the Rugby World Cup group stages, waves of bedbugs have descended on Paris and other major cities.

Irish fans following the successes of the national team in the World Cup so far will be particularly aggrieved at the news as they will have to be around Paris for Ireland’s clash against Scotland in the Stade de France on Saturday.

Should Ireland continue their winning form in the World Cup, it is very likely that fans will have to endure this uncomfortable issue, as all games will be taking place in the major cities of France.

Speaking to the BBC, entomologist and leading expert on the bedbug issue Jean-Michel Berenger, confirmed that this is not a new problem for the country and it doesn’t seem to be going away soon.

“Every late summer we see a big increase in bedbugs” Berenger stated.

“That is because people have been moving about over July and August, and they bring them back in their luggage.

And each year, the seasonal increase is bigger than the last one” he concluded.

With more tourists being expected to flock to France for the 2024 Olympics, the French government and city officials will no doubt be scrambling to find a solution to curtail these infestations.

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