Freudenberg Medical celebrates opening of expanded manufacturing facility and the creation of 100 new jobs in Spiddal, Galway

By Ailiadh Walsh

2 October saw the official launch of the newly developed expansion of the manufacturing facility for Freudenberg Medical. This development brings the welcome news of 100 additional jobs to the company’s Spiddal location in Galway.

The newly opened facility increases Freudenberg Medical’s existing manufacturing footprint in Spiddal, Galway, by 50%. It is expected that 400 people will be working for Freudenberg Medical over the next 18 months. The newly expanded facility was officially opened by the Chief Executive Officer of the Freudenberg Group, Dr. Mohsen Sohi.

This expansion will create new positions in engineering, research and development, manufacturing and quality and support services.

Freudenberg Medical’s CEO, Dr. Mark Ostwald, commented at the announcement last Monday that opening the expanded facility was an important milestone for the company’s Irish operations.

“Ireland is of strategic significance within our global network. The country is renowned worldwide as a leader in the life sciences sector and stands as an epitome of excellence and innovation for medical devices. With the investment in our newly expanded facility and plans to further increase our team, we look forward to building on our 25-year history as we strengthen our presence in Ireland.” 

Expansion needed to meet soaring demand

The global company said the latest expansion aims to meet soaring demand for the company’s critical metal components used in minimally invasive surgery catheters. The company also plans to develop increasingly complex products from this site to serve its worldwide customer base.

Freudenberg Medical employs more than 1,000 people in Ireland, operating from a combined 200,000 sq ft manufacturing footprint at Spiddal, Galway and Co. Leitrim facilities. Its Irish operations manufacture more than 16 million complex catheters each year.

Freudenberg Medical is an innovative partner for designing, developing and manufacturing medical devices and components that play a critical role in various medical and pharmaceutical applications. With 11 manufacturing operations and more than 2,500 associates worldwide, Freudenberg Medical offers a wide range of capabilities for minimally invasive medical devices, from complex catheters, hypo tubes, needles, and balloons to advanced drug/device coating solutions.

Vice President and General Manager of Freudenberg Medical’s Galway facility, Steven Langan, said:

“The continued success and accelerated growth of our Galway operations is a testament to the dedication of our talented teams for high-quality, innovative products and excellent customer service. We look forward to deepening our partnerships with customers as we add new capacity, capability, and talent in Galway.”

The company is supported by Údarás na Gaeltachta and IDA Ireland.

Recruitment is already underway for the 100 new positions, if you are interested in any of these positions or want further information, please visit

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