The University of Galway swim team does exceptionally in the races.

By Sanjukta Salgaonkar 

Swimming is a very hard and tough sport. It not only needs physical fitness but also stamina and control over the whole body.

Keeping this in mind and training as hard as they could the University of Galway Varsity Swimming has given its best this season.

The team has trained very hard and did their personal best in achieving the great heights they have reached too.

One of the reasons they were able to improve over time was that they got a new coach to help them out with their daily training.

The competitions that they won this season are the race that was held in November 2022 for all the Universities in Ireland, this match was held in Galway at the Kingfisher in which they achieved their personal best times and the Relay team also ranked 1st in it.

They also competed in the competition that was held between all the universities in Ireland including the universities in Northern Ireland where they were ranked 2nd Overall in the men and female categories respectively.

The Swimming team captain, Stuart Vaughan, says he is very happy with the team’s improvement over time. With a lot of wins, there are also a lot of losses and the team has pulled through setbacks and is happy with what they have achieved and are working hard towards winning more. 

Currently, there are 36 swimmers in the varsity.

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