Former University of Galway student explores London music scene

Leah Finkielsztein , 23, is also known as Leah K Prins and is a singer songwriter from Canada. She studied at the University of Galway in 2019. Here she took part in university musical productions and majored in Performing Arts with Italian and English before she moved to London to focus on her music career and complete her degree.

Her most recent album ‘Still In Chicago was released in December and she has been performing in various musical venues in the UK.

Her musical genres vary from folk to Rhythm and Blues and rock.

Talking to her over the phone, she describes her inspiration for her music.

“I heard Summer Walker’s newest album and I loved how savage she was – her lyricism!”

The album ‘Still Over It’ focuses on what Leah describes as “a genre of RnB where you can be more seething with your lyrics and really say what’s on your mind in a straightforward way”.


Leah mentions that she has a passion for travel and describes London as “a super eclectic city”.

“Especially in relation to art, it attracts so many different varieties of artists – not just in music but in performance arts and visual arts so it’s been really cool to go out and watch live gigs in Shoreditch or The Blue’s Kitchen to see the local bands”.

When asked what attracted her to London, she says “the talent in this city, it’s unbelievable”.

“I think also what’s great about London is it’s wide range of music and how it is accessible to any music lovers. You can pay five or ten pounds for a ticket to a local music venue and see a really great show or even listen to really talented musicians just busking in the street”, she says.

She says that, in London, “you can always find music if you’re open to it”.


Priority is my favourite song from the album”, says Leah.

“It was the first song I wrote for the album. It’s the most personal song I have ever written. I channelled, instead of hurt emotions, angry emotions which definitely come out in the song”.

Leah reveals that this particular song receives the most response when performing it live in London bars and music venues.

“They said that the song really encapsulates that feeling in a relationship of feeling so in love and so frustrated that the person isn’t prioritising you”.

Priority by Leah K Prins


When asked what the future holds for Leah K Prins, she laughs.

“I have a show on Monday”.

“But in terms of my music I’m working on a new song”.

The song is called ‘When I’m Crying’ and will be released as a single in the coming months.

“Music is my therapy so even if I’m not making tons of money in it, it will always be with me and bring me happiness”, says Leah.

“That’s what a passion is, I suppose”.

Leah K Prins can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

By Lucy Peoples

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