By Sanjukta Salgaonkar

The sixth installment in the Scream franchise had all the good things that made it one of the best slasher movies. Scream VI is the sequel to the movie scream that came out last year.

The story continues one year after the killings orchestrated by Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman. The sister’s Sam and Tara Carpenter have moved out of Woodsboro and now live in New York but it looks like Ghostface has decided to follow them there too.

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega have done great in the roles of Sam and Tara Carpenter respectively. Unfortunately, Neve Campbell did not continue her role as Sidney Prescott in this movie because she felt the offer presented to her was not acceptable. This will be the first movie in the franchise to not feature her.

The movie has its own punch of “Whodunnit” with black comedy. As one sees the movie, it just proves that it is money spent right because you get to see the gruesome, dark comedy in one slasher film.

The movie has done excellent work mixing the essence of the old scream movies well with the new ones. But the film not only holds the twists and surprise story wise but it has quite a few surprises in the music section too.

The film is scored by Brian Tyler, who also did it for the last instalment. Later in January 2023, it was announced that Sven Faulconer will be joining him. In February 2023, it was revealed that Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park would be doing a solo track with Kailee Morgue that will be a part of the movie soundtrack. Demi Lovato has also released a song for the movie that is currently the lead single of the movie.

The movie keeps you on the edge till the end and makes you keep guessing who the new ghost face is. The movie does have some gruesome and funny scenes that defy logic but at the same time keep you entrapped in the story.

A seventh movie in the franchise is to be expected, and the directors Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillet are “hopeful’ as they would like to see more movies in the franchise. But maybe the success of this film will bring us the next part that we hope to get. 

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