Women In Medicine Society hold menstrual product donation in association with Period Poverty

By Elle-Mae Tremewan

The Women in Medicine society from the University of Galway held a menstrual product donation on campus this week to raise awareness for financial struggles of those who menstruate.

The society is newly formed and aims to “raise awareness for the stigmatisation that exists surrounding women’s healthcare… alongside advocating for women within the field of healthcare,” according to its auditor Simran Sandhu.


The members of Women in Medicine felt it was necessary to address the problems surrounding menstrual health. That led them to organise a donation.

Apart from the “stigmas that are built around talking about menstrual cycles and periods,” Yami Asefa, Vice Auditor, explained that people lack knowledge on menstruation.

She said that “a lot of people around Ireland don’t know that there are women {and other individuals who menstruate} around the country that don’t have enough money to buy period products.”

As well as the money which was raised, two bags of menstrual products were donated and will be given towards Period Poverty, an initiative by Lidl Ireland.


Women in medicine society.


With the rise of the cost of living crisis throughout the country, there is an added pressure which is unique to households of those who menstruate regularly.

According to a government report, at least €121 per year is spent in Ireland per individual that menstruates. This includes pain relief.

Although studies and surveys have been executed over the last five years in regards to this issue, little to no changes are reflected in Irish society today, other than charitable organisations.

Subaniya Thayaparan, Secretary of the Women In Medicine society, points out the injustice of women being restricted from “equal access to products for conditions that {they} can’t control,” explaining that “since {free products} are not an option at the moment, donating what {they have} so far is the best possible bet.”


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