Volleyball for the win at the University of Galway

In the world of sports, volleyball is thriving and the team at the University of Galway never fail to show why.

The winners of the league, and winners of the cup; the women’s team have shown great enthusiasm and passion towards the sport and are training hard to achieve bigger dreams with the hope of competing in varsity.

“Varsity is the biggest competition of the year, it will be a dream come true to enter the league,” says Daniela Lucia Bowers, secretary of the volleyball club.

Competition can be scary at times, whereas in play4fun, you will play for fun in a series of non-competitive matches. Play4fun offers the opportunity to enjoy the game of volleyball in a stress-free environment.

“Volleyball is pretty big in Galway, not as big as rugby or GA but we have our club with quite a bit of interest in it,” says Daniela.

The club is trying to get more females involved in the sport for both competitive and non-competitive matches. “It’s natural to be scared of the net, we are trying to get more females in,” says Daniela.

The stress of winning or losing can be taxing, join the university’s volleyball club to either compete or play just for the passion of it. “Volleyball is a team sport, we are a family,” says the 21-year-old volleyball enthusiast.

Join the club now! Beginners class on Tuesdays from 5-7 pm. More details on YourSpace at the University of Galway.

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