Galway Annual Budget 2023 ‘very positive’ says City Councillor

A 113 million euro budget proposal for 2023 was unanimously passed by Galway City Council at their annual budget meeting on Monday 14 November. Galway Pulse’s Megan-Josephine Reynolds spoke to Councillor Eddie Hoare, who called it a ‘positive step’ for Galway city and county.

Improved grants for additional housing

“[The 2023 Budget] delivered without any increases to local property tax, commercial rates and also no increase in parking income and other income for goods and services in Galway city,” said Councillor Hoare. “The only increase in income for the year is an increase in government grants to support the rising cost of energy in Galway City Council across various divisions, as well as an additional grant of three million euro for the provision of additional housing services in 2023.”

The provisions allocated to additional housing accounted for a significant per cent of the budget’s expenditure, with Councillor Hoare stressing it as a key area of focus for the City Council.

Road improvements marked as key area

A further key area for Galway City Council was the need for road improvements throughout the county.

“Those various different projects supported across the city will include road improvement works and footpath improvement works,” said Councillor Hoare. “A lot of money has been provided for road improvements across the city and county, including the likes of Salthill, Knocknacarra, Bushy Park, Newcastle, Menloe, Renmore, Mervue, Ballyban, Shantalla, Westside and the Claddagh.”

The Council has also acknowledged the need for improved walkways in the budget, with over 300 thousand euro allocated to the area: “Other projects that were supported include the provision of 50 thousand euro and a commitment of 150 thousand euro over the next three budgets to fund to provide and deliver floodlights in Pearce Stadium, an additional 20 thousand euro to bring a total capital budget of 100 thousand euro for the delivery of floodlights in the Westside track, and also an additional 25 thousand euro committed for floodlights in O’Sullivan Park in Mervue.”

New recruitment for Galway City Council

Also seen in the Budget was the allocation of funds for the recruitment of 70 new staff in Galway City Council, according to Councillor Hoare.

“There are a number of big projects included as well other costings – such as the provision for 70 new staff in Galway City Council: eight new staff in housing, four new staff in the outdoor cleaning department, a new night-time economy officer, a new tree officer, a homeless liaison officer, social care workers, and various different other hires across various different departments,” he explained.

After the meeting, it was the general consensus that the budget for 2023 could be deemed a fair and positive allocation of funds, added Councillor Hoare.

“All in all, a very positive budget, supported unanimously by all 18 members,” said Councillor Hoare. “Hopefully we can now deliver with the projects that have been promised and budgeted for in 2023.”

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