University of Galway hopes to raise awareness around energy consumption

The University of Galway held an Energy Awareness event last week in hopes to encourage staff and students to reduce their consumption of energy.

The university has set an ambitious target to reduce its energy usage as outlined in the Climate Action Plan. To date the university have reduced their primary energy usage by 45 per cent. They have done this through updating campus facilities to make them more energy efficient.

The event was held to highlight the importance and awareness of energy usage. In partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the Office of Public Works (OPW) the ‘Reduce Your Use’ campaign will give ideas on how to keep energy use low at home and at work.

There were a number of specialists that joined the campaign such as Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI), Energy Auditors and BCAR assessors.

The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) have some great advice on how to reduce energy in the home. Some of the following may give people a helping hand.


What can you do to reduce your energy consumption?

At home

Heating in the home is one the biggest energy user you can set the times that the heating goes on and off, fit this in with your daily routine. Install a heating control system.

Taking a shower.

Electric showers are one of the biggest energy users in the home by reducing shower time you can save a lot of water and electricity.

How you travel.

Avoid using the car as much as possible for short journeys instead think about walking or cycling, the most efficient way to travel is to leave the car at home.


SEAI grants officer Kevin O’Reilly gave some advice on some of the electric car grants that are available. During the event he said, “We have a wide range of grants available for the public. If you are considering changing your car, think about buying an electric car.”

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland have government funded grants for new electric cars and home charge points these grants also offer the consumer VRT relief. According to Mr O’Reilly, “Many new electric car models have now got a driving range of up to 400-500KM, new electric cars are also suitable for regular commuters in particular.”

It is important to spread the word to other people about energy usage. This will help in the long run as climate change is a global issue this will involve people working together as much as possible to solve the problem.

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