Cake My Day – the story behind a newly opened bakery in Galway

Inside the Cake My Day bakery, Galway

Cake My Day, an artisan family-owned bakery opened its doors to the public in Galway towards the end of August. The owners, Bernie and Brian Campbell, already own two other bakeries located in Castlebar and Tuam. 

Originally, the owners were selling their produce to multinational companies which left them with limited input. 

Bernie Campbell, co-owner of Cake My Day said: “We were a wholesale for around 12 years prior to going into the retail part of the business. We were supplying multinational companies with our product, and with that, we were restricted in our creativity. 

“We decided to go into retail because we wanted to have more control over our business,” she added. 

Why Galway city? 

The co-owner spoke about past struggles of reaching the Galway market. She hopes to “somehow bring something to Galway”. 

“We have tried to get into Galway several times pre-Covid, but it was very difficult. I know Galway is big so it’s very hard to get your name out there and make the impact that other vibrant, quirky, unusual shops make,” she noted. 

Opening a business in a new city can be incredibly challenging. Ms Campbell highlighted the transition from a steady position, where there was a constant demand for the product, comparing it to entering the world of retail. 

“When we were wholesale, we had somebody that was confident about our products, supplying our products. We then were relying on ourselves when we came into the retail market,” she explained. 

However, Bernie believes it is always worth pursuing your passions.  

“We had nobody to turn to. No idea how it was going to go. Will anyone come in? We decided to give it a shot because what’s the worst thing that can happen?” she smiled. 

Behind the trade

Belfast and San Francisco both contributed to the bakery’s background training. Ms Campbell mentioned that the bakery reflects the skills that were developed while “working extensively under a great German bakery in San Francisco”.

The bakery aimed to offer goods from various cultures in light of Galway City’s recognition as the European Capital of Culture in 2020. 

Bernie said: “There is a bit of a European, German, and American slant on some of the products that we do. It’s not all wholly Irish. We thought a bigger city would maybe want something different.” 

Products on offer 

The family-owned business takes pride in its range of products. The bakery tries to cater for all needs including financial. The co-owner explained that she understands the current times are not easy and people may be struggling financially.  

“We do have different price ranges because we know that in these times and circumstances everybody is a bit scared,” she explained. 

For a small business run by a husband and wife, they put in a lot of hours to provide their clients with a variety of goods. The bakery also offers the option of ordering a customised cake for any occasion. 

“Our product range is very wide and very vast. All of our products are made from scratch and we try to vary what we offer so that customers can get what they want,” she said. 

Food awards 2022 

Three products from the bakery have reached the final of Blas na hÉireann Food Awards 2022.  Bernie shared her excitement with Galway Pulse. “We are in the Blas na hÉireann Food Awards in Dingle with three of our products being shortlisted.” 

Cake My Day has previously won 20 Blas awards for different products every time because they don’t believe in entering the same product twice. 

Standing out from the crowd 

What makes Cake My Day stand out? The bakery has a unique design concept. Bernie mentioned: “The pastel colours are warm, inviting and provide a sense of ambience. When you come inside, I like to think that you feel good and excited.”

The true secret is centered around the quality and variety of the items, not just passion. “The passion is something we must have to keep going and to keep a standard. It’s the product that keeps people coming back. The variety and the quality,” she emphasised. 

Social media presence 

Cake My Day can currently be found on Facebook while other platforms are yet to be set up. “I have been pushed into this new level of social media and I am kicking and screaming because I’m old-school. I know how to turn on a computer and where the button is,” Bernie laughed. 

You can check out the inside of the bakery on our Tiktok. 


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