Ideal foods to have on this World Flour Day

Today is World Flour Day, a day to celebrate all of our favourite baked goodies and the ingredient that we come across most often in all of them.

Flour is one of the most common ingredients because of how versatile it is. From wholemeal to plain, self-raising, and even cake flour.

 So, for all of the professional, aspiring, and even beginner bakers out there (because what better day to start!) here are some classic bakery treats to use all of that flour in.


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Of course, this is the one to start off the list. Bread comes in so many varieties, shapes, and sizes that there is something for everyone. Brown, white, soda, wholemeal and so much more.

Try this white bread recipe from the BBC: Easy White Bread recipe from BBC Good Food


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Let’s not get into the debate of how to pronounce this word (but for the record it’s sc-oh-n). These are a delightful, and malleable, treat. You can have them with butter for your breakfast or lunch, or have them with cream and jam for dessert. Scones are another staple of the baking world that can be manufactured to anyone’s taste. Try adding fruit or even cheese to your next scones.

Why not try Odlums’ scone recipe this World Flour Day: Scone recipe from Odlum


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Get your hand out of the cookie jar and onto that pack of flour and make your own. Cookies are a sweet treat enjoyed the world over. Many of our favourites include gingerbread, chocolate chip, and white chocolate and raspberry. Use whatever combination you would like, cookies are for everyone.

If you’re a fan of chocolate chip cookies, then this is a recipe from Allrecipes is for you: Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from Allrecipes


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Do you prefer a middle piece or a corner piece? There is a right answer. Brownies, or blondies if you prefer no chocolate, have to be one of the most popular baked goods. Some like them plain, others like them iced, or meet in the middle and just have a light drizzle over your brownies.

For a good brownie recipe, try this one from The Stay At Home Chef: Best Brownies Ever from The Stay at Home Chef


Image from Pixabay

The reigning monarch of the baking world. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas; there is a cake for every occasion. And every occasion, even just another day, can have a cake. So go on, treat yourself this world flour day, and enjoy a slice of cake.

If you’re feeling fancy, then have a go at this vanilla cake recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction: Best Vanilla Cake from Sallys Baking Addiction

Whether you are more interested in baking or eating, enjoy this World Flour Day with all of your favourite baked treats.

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