Eyre Square protest held to address misogyny and gender-based violence

Violence against women and racism were the key themes at a city event to mark International Women’s Day.

Around 60 people gathered on Eyre Square on Tuesday at a rally organized by Rosa, an Irish Social Feminist Organization to highlight femicide, gender-based violence, and racism.

Guest speakers discussed issues surrounding gender-based violence, and made specific references back to the murder of Ashling Murphy in January.

Rosa also wanted to highlight the underfunding of Rape and Domestic Violence centres in Ireland.

In a report released by Gardaí, domestic violence calls increased by 10 per cent in 2021 in Ireland. Sexual assault increased by 18 per cent in 2021, and rape also increased by 10 per cent.

Síle Lenihan, a member of Rosa who helped organize the protest, said that measures to protect women needed to happen faster.

“International Women’s Day is a celebration but also with everything that has happened with Ashling Murphy, it’s time to mark these very important issues of gender violence, that is rife in our country.”

“We wanted to have the event to mark the celebration of the holiday and the movement. We want to get more people involved in Rosa’s social feminist movement and create a feminist movement that transcends all layers,” she said.

Imelda Brophy attended the event to celebrate International Women’s Day.

“I think it is an important day because every other day of the year, we don’t celebrate ourselves, the work that we do, and we don’t highlight all the issues that still are there for women to bring them equity in society.”

“The inequalities that women face, a lot of people think that everything is in the past and that we should now just get on with it, and we are all equal, but as every woman knows that is not the case.”

Ms Brophy also said that women’s position in society and toxic masculinity in the workplace make it more difficult to find equality.

“A lot of young women now don’t find feminism important but for those reasons, we need to highlight women and this is our day,” she said.

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