8 stores that could improve the Galway shopping scene

Galway City is a hub for culture and nightlife but the question is, how is Galway for shopping?

Here are the top eight fashion retail stores that could improve the state of fashion options in Galway, should they open an outlet

  1. Zara

Spain’s answer to fashion apparel, Zara, is a hugely popular store which excels in Irish locations such as Dublin and Limerick. With eight locations across Ireland, it seems baffling as to why they don’t have a location in Galway. A location in Galway would please many locals, giving them more options to put together the perfect outfit.

  1. Bershka 

Zara’s cousin Bershka, which are both owned by the Spanish Inditex Group, offers a huge range of high street fashion, with styles ranging from occasion wear to collaborations with the likes of Disney and Billie Eilish. Bershka’s wide variety of styles and options would definitely help spice up the state of fashion retail in Galway should a store be opened up. 

  1. H&M

Something many people love about H&M is their simplicity within their clothing combined with reasonable prices. H&M’s huge range of options within their clothing and styles would be a welcome addition to Galway’s iconic shop street.

  1. Stradivarius 

Stradivarius is known for its simplistic and chic styles, accompanied by their wearable and affordable accessories. Finding that staple piece to add to your wardrobe would be considerably easier if a store like Stradivarius is nearby.

  1. Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear offer a great range of selection in all their gender sections, with funky shirts and wearable staple jeans and great options of coats and trousers. With multiple locations in Dublin, Pull & Bear is a hugely popular store that never seems to miss. 

  1. Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, Urban Outfitters is a store that can never seem to go wrong. Carrying iconic brands such as Adidas Originals and Juicy Couture as well as lesser known but equally stylish brands like Jaded London and BDG. A word of warning if it ever decides to land in Galway, it will have you tightening your purse strings after one pair of socks for the rest of the month, so browse wisely!

  1. All Saints

If you thought Urban Outfitters would break the bank, All Saints will make you clutch your pearls. Their self declared iconic leather jackets and knitwear is high quality fabric with masterful tailoring that will set you back a bit, but you can guarantee that piece will become a firm favourite in your outfits. 

  1. Vintage Shops 

It’s important that we continue to embrace the increase in popularity in ethically and environmentally conscious clothing, the opening of more vintage stores across Galway will help to do that, whilst also providing people with more styles to choose from.

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