Top 4 American style pancakes in Galway City

Eggs, milk, and flour — three simple ingredients that can be used to make one of the most versatile foods: pancakes.

All pancakes are delicious, but sometimes the thin crepe-like pancakes that are popular in Ireland aren’t enough to satisfy a pancake craving.

Galway has a range of breakfast spots that offer the typical European style pancake, but if you’re in the mood for something more American, here are the top four American style pancakes you can get in Galway this pancake Tuesday.

Pascal Coffee House

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Greenwaldt-Simon

Opened in 2011, Pascal Coffee House has a wide variety of offerings for pancakes. The bacon and maple syrup pancakes were served in a stack of two with a heaping pile of bacon on top. The pancakes themselves were delicious, they had a nice flavour as well as a good pancake to syrup ratio. They were slightly dense, but this did not affect the flavour at all. These pancakes live up to the hype surrounding them.

Corrib House and Tea Rooms

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Greenwaldt-Simon

The great views of the River Corrib are not the only reason to go to the Corrib House and Tea Rooms, their pancakes are also a must have. These pancakes had a unique, slightly eggy flavour, as well as a slight vanilla taste. These pancakes felt more like eating three mini cakes, but overall, they were good. Since they are so cake-like they would be good to share with friends, as opposed to eating alone.

Roots Café & Bistro

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Greenwaldt-Simon

Another great restaurant with views of the River Corrib to visit for breakfast or lunch, Roots Café and Bistro also offers great American-style pancakes. These pancakes were all uniform in size and shape, with the perfect amount of denseness and fluffiness. They had a great flavour, and they were very close to pancakes you would be able to get back in America. They came with a good amount of syrup and were overall a pleasant eating experience.

56 Central

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Greenwaldt-Simon

A great place to visit for breakfast or lunch, 56 Central has some great pancakes. These pancakes felt like a mix between a European and American pancake. They were slightly thin, but still had the same fluffiness as the typical American pancake. The pancakes also had the perfect syrup to pancake ratio, each pancake was covered in the perfect amount of syrup. If you’re looking for some really good American style pancakes in Galway, these are definitely the way to go.

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