Galway’s free Wi-Fi safe to use under Magnet Networks

Galway City Council have assured the public that the new Wi-Fi service is secure and safe to use.

The Wifi4EU service is set to be provided by Magnet Networks, an Irish telecoms company that has already served as the Wi-Fi partner to six other Wifi4EU schemes in Tipperary Town, Nenagh, Roscrea, Clonmel, Thurles and Carrick-on-Suir.

Sixteen free Wi-Fi Access Points have been rolled out across Galway City this Monday by the Galway City Council, four more than the originally reported amount.

These Access Points are set to serve communities from Doughiska, to Ballinfoyle, to the city centre, and onwards to Salthill and Knocknacarra.

Phillip Clapperton, Sales Director at Magnet Networks, said that the service “will provide previously unavailable Wi-Fi services in these areas, which will enhance the user experience when visiting these locations.”

Mr Clapperton also addressed concerns surrounding what safety measures are in place to protect the public when they use Magnet Network’s free Wi-Fi.

“There is no citizen information collected as part of the WiFi4EU service, as users are not asked to provide any information to be able to connect to this service. Any device information such as phone MAC address is encrypted at the source to ensure that there is no way that any user can be identified.”

“The system is also fully protected by our Magnet Protect service which ensures that the system is fully secure and content filtered, which means that users cannot access illegal or inappropriate websites,” he said.

Along with receiving four vouchers valued at €60,000 under the WiFi4EU initiative (the maximum allocation), the GCC has also received a match in funding from the Department of Rural and Community Development. Bringing the total of funding to €120,000.

Mayor Colette Connolly said that “this free Wi-Fi access will allow people of all ages to keep connected, search for directions, look up local businesses, book public transport and find all that Galway City has to offer”.

The GCC will have posters at each of the Access Points informing the public that they can connect to the free Wi-Fi.

Details of the list of the new locations, including an online map, can be found at:

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