Five low budget ideas for this Valentine’s Day

Over the years the simple act of card giving, as well as over indulging in chocolate, has been replaced with the  growth in materialism and the consumerist  lifestyle.

With inflation rising, here are some ideas to do this Valentine’s Day on a budget:

1. Picnic in the park

Grab a blanket, a flask of hot chocolate and your favourite snacks, wrap up nice and warm and make your way to the park. Watching the world go by in Eyre Square, with your best friend or your partner is an inexpensive way to make your Valentines date feel like a scene from The Notebook.

2. Scrapbooking

For those of us with a more creative side, or even a partner with a creative side, you can grab your glue stick and favourite photos and get to work. Whether it’s making a collage of your favourite pictures and framing it to give as a gift or a fun activity for two in which you scrapbook together all your best memories, this sweet and thoughtful concept shouldn’t cost much more than €10

3. Cinema Date Night – from home

As one of the longest ongoing date night activities, the cinema has consistently gotten more and more expensive and although nothing can quite recreate the magic of the cinema, you can come close. Hang up some fairy lights, get your favourite movie out and some microwaveable popcorn and you’re set!

4. Bowling

Whether you’re an activity loving couple or looking for a fun game night with your best-friends, bowling is a cheap and amusing way to spend your Valentine’s Day! Galway’s own “PLANET” amusement centre which sits on the Headford Road offers a game of bowling for just €7.50 a game. As well as this, they provide an enticing student deal, selling a night of recreation and relaxation with a pint of your choosing and two rounds of bowling for €17 per person. 

5. Valentines Bake-Off

Get out your whisk and wooden spoon and add a little competition to your Valentine’s Day. Take it in turns to bake your partners favourite treat and see who the real star baker of your relationship is. This is an inexpensive way to do something different but pleasurable with your partner or friends whilst getting creative!

It’s time to reform Valentines Day and make it your own whilst preserving your money! Not every holiday has to punish your pocket, so don’t miss out on this day of flirtatious fulfilment when you don’t have to!

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