Inclusion of LGBTQ+ flag on Galway jersey welcomed

Photo courtesy of Galway Camogie

The recent announcement by Galway Camogie to include the LGBTQ+ flag on their new county jerseys has been praised as a sign of diversity.

On the same day their new sponsorship deal worth €250,000 with Westerwood Global was announced, Galway Camogie also revealed that sides from U14 up will have the LGBTQ+ flag included on their jerseys.  

Galway Camogie Chairperson Brian Griffin, discussed what this move represents to the GAA and LGBTQ+ groups moving forward:

“We have so many people from different backgrounds in the inter-county set up and at club level in Galway, we thought it would be fitting to represent them on our jersey moving forward.

“We want to send out a message through sport that there is safety in Galway Camogie and we will not accept discrimination against anyone.”

NUI Galway student Ella Kelly, who is a member of the Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition, welcomed the move. However, Ms Kelly spoke on what more the GAA can do to ensure that people from all backgrounds are welcome in the sport.

“Not everyone on a GAA team is going to be heterosexual or cis-gendered. That’s just statistics.

“Even classes on phrases, and pronouns and terms, that could start at a local level, but it would have to be implemented at the very top.”

Ms Kelly spoke on the challenges she faced as someone involved in a GAA team while part of the LGBTQ+ community, believing she didn’t have the same experience as her teammates.

“I didn’t have many friends on the team. I was a bit different to the other girls. I wanted to fit in but obviously I couldn’t. I’m not heterosexual, I’m not like them.”

The NUI Galway student, who is currently looking for a camogie team to play for in Galway, believes Dublin LGBTQ+ club Na Gaeil Aeracha are an example of how equality can be achieved.

“I really admire Na Gaeil Aeracha, if there was a LGBT team in Galway I would join straight away because I would feel safe.”

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