Druid Theatre set to host outdoor and online events

Writing by Yifeng Chen

Because of the influence of Covid-19 and the Government’s restrictive measures, Galway citizen’s entertainment life has been restricted. But to face the impact of the pandemic, the Druid Theatre has made a series of improvements and moved the stage to the Internet.

David Mullane, Marketing and Communications Lead of Druid, said: “Since the global pandemic arrived, we have made theatre for our audiences in new ways, finding new platforms to reach our audiences. “

“We have produced live streams and on-demand theatre (Once Upon a Bridge, The Cherry Orchard, Boland: Journey of a Poem), outdoor theatre touring productions (Druid Gregory), and Zoom theatre readings (Druid Debuts). “

“While nothing compares to the experience of live performance in a theatre, presenting theatre online offers new opportunities to reach audiences on a global scale. For example, our live stream production Once Upon a Bridge was viewed by people in 35 countries.”

Mr. Mullane said that for the actors who are used to the stage with the audiences, it is undoubtedly a great challenge to change from offline performances to online performances.

“We are privileged to work with some of Ireland’s finest actors. Performing to cameras in an empty auditorium is certainly a different experience from performing in a full house. Everyone has had to adapt quickly to these new production models.” He said.

“We will continue to make theatre for our audiences any way we can, following government guidelines.”

“Until it is safe to return to indoor theaters, we will welcome audiences online and outdoors.”

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