Fundings have been set for upgrading Galway streets against the rain

By Kiani Hildebrandt  

Galway is set to receive at least €200,000 to help upgrade streets and public dining to become more weather resistant against the city’s famous weather. 

The new Outdoor Dining Infrastructure scheme will allocate €200,000 to each local authority, but Galway may be able to receive even more money. 

In Galway, it rains about 14 days every month which causes problems for outdoor dining.  

Fianna Fáil Councillor John Connolly said: “Enabling outdoor dining in such a climate is a challenge. We must take advantage of this funding to enable businesses and vendors to facilitate outdoor dining in a comfortable setting.”  

On Monday, Galway City Council announced that it could apply for additional funding from the overall fund of €17m.   

The new scheme also includes grants that are available to businesses focused on hospitality and tourism. This will allow outdoor dining to increase their number of available seats.  

Minister of Tourism, Catherine Martin said: “This scheme has two main objectives: firstly, to enable individual tourism and hospitality businesses increase their dining and seating capacity in the short-term and secondly to enable a long-term strategy for local authorities to develop appropriate permanent weatherproofed outdoor dining infrastructure.”  

“The aim is to support jobs and businesses and to transform appropriate outdoor spaces within our cities and towns as welcoming, vibrant places that will help support economic recovery.” 

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