No outdoor fees for Galway hospitality sector in 2021

Galway City Council has waived outdoor charges for the hospitality sector up until the end of 2021.

Pubs, cafes and restaurants will not be expected to pay the Tables and Chairs Licence for outdoor furniture for the rest of the year.

Brian Barrett, Director of Services for Economic Development in Galway City Council, said that “our restaurants, cafes and pubs will play an important role in the recovery of the tourism and retail sector in challenging times ahead.”


There are currently two licence structures in place for tables and chairs in public places such as Quay Street and Shop Street.

One licence is granted annually to premises that always have outdoor furniture, while the other licence was introduced by the Council in response to the pandemic which allowed some businesses to acquire a temporary licence in order to accommodate social distancing.

Temporary Tables and Chairs Licences will be considered for any premises whose primary function is the sale of food and drink and who already provides indoor seating.

City Councillor Eddie Hoare said that he welcomes “any effort or any decision that’s made within Galway City Council to support these businesses as they return to normal, post Covid-19.”

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