Galway is Ireland’s fifth highest county in terms of environmental complaints

By David O’Connor

Over 3,000 environmental complaints were made to Galway’s local authorities in 2019.

Galway City made up 1,700 of the complaints, with the rest of the county adding an extra 1,500.

Co. Galway had the fifth highest amount of environmental complaints in the country.

The findings were released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their 2019 Local Authority Enforcement Report.

The Report highlighted complaints across the country and offered a breakdown of each county.

Also included were what the complaints entailed.

“Over 90 per cent of environmental complaints relate to litter and waste. With water, noise and air complaints making up the remaining 10 per cent,” said the EPA Report.

Galway local authorities carried out 5,300 inspections in relation to waste management.

Out of these, 500 enforcements were made. 36 of which resulted in prosecutions.

There were 245 inspections, 57 enforcements, and no prosecutions, in relation to noise and air pollution.

The Report commented on the immediate impact that air pollution is having on Irish people’s lives.

“The burning of solid fuels (coal, peat and wet wood) continue to contribute to these localised high levels of particulate matter and PAH (a toxic chemical) in our cities, towns and villages.”

“The latest figures from the European Environment Agency estimate that in excess of 1,300 premature deaths occur in Ireland each year because of poor air quality,” said the EPA Report.

The EPA have asked that anyone with an environmental complaint to contact their local authority.

If left unsatisfied, reach out to the EPA, who will then liaise with the relevant local authority to address the issue.

The Environmental Officer for Galway City Council was unavailable for comment at this time.

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