5 things we know about the multi-million-euro investment in Galway infrastructure

Galway City Council is to receive €68 million for major capital developments around the city.

The funding was allocated under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) and promises to transform the city over the coming years up to 2026.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The Transport Connectivity Project (€40.3 million)

The Galway City Council Transport Connectivity Project would see a substantial investment in multi-modal connections throughout the city while taking environmental concerns into account. This project will include a regeneration of Ceannt Station in Eyre Square; the development of a Galway City Cycle Network; access routes to the new suburb of Ardaun on the east side of the city; and the provision of a pedestrian and cycling bridge, built on the pillars of the old Clifden railway line connecting NUI Galway with Woodquay. There will also be some funding for a ‘transport requirement study’ for the north side of the city.

The proposed footbridge linking NUI Galway to Woodquay. Image: Galway City Council

2. The Public Spaces and Streets Project (€8.64 million)

This project hopes to revitalise five key public spaces across the city. A regeneration of the Woodquay area would see improved links from the university to the city centre. Developments at Galway Cathedral as well as Eyre Square would see a reallocation of road space to prioritise buses, bikes and pedestrians. The Fishmarket Rejuvenation Project would see better use of spaces along the River Corrib as well as improved flood defence measures. Finally, the City Centre Streets Project involves further pedestrianisation of Galway and improved bus and cycle lanes in the city centre.

Current view of Woodquay & artist’s impression of proposed improvements. Image: Galway City Council

3. The Innovation and Creativity District (€4.3 million)

This district is to be developed at Nun’s Island in conjunction with NUI Galway and will have two distinct areas. The northern area will comprise of an academic building, a multi-purpose cultural venue and a hotel which will be connected to the university both physically and in terms of its planned usage. This will be in the Fisheries’ Field area of the NUI Galway campus. The southern area will include student accommodation as well as an innovation centre and promises a host of new social spaces.

An artist’s impression of the northern area of the development. Image: NUI Galway

4. €6.31 million was already approved last year by the URDF

This funding included the upgrade of Martin roundabout at Ardaun, developments at Sandy Road in Liosbán, and the regeneration of Galway harbour.

5. More developments are expected to be announced for the use of the remaining funds

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