Galway Restaurants Turn to Deliveries

By Yifeng Chen

Struggling Galway restaurants have turned to delivery services in a bid to keep their businesses afloat during COVID-19.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, some Galway restaurants have begun providing a delivery service fort their customers.

During Level 5, people are not allowed to eat in any public space forcing some restaurants to adapt and begin home deliveries to ensure survival.

The Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant, located in Westside Shopping Centre, relies on the takeaway business to maintain its income.

Kiki He is a waiter in the Rose Garden. He said “Before the pandemic, our restaurant would receive a lot of guests who come to eat every day. During peak season, we would receive many tourist groups from China and Japan every week, but because the sharp decline in the number of tourists and the continuation of lockdown, now we have to focus on our takeaway business.”

“Now, every week we receive 350 to 500 orders, including delivery and collection orders. We decided to increase the speed of food delivery. We added a driver to deliver goods to ensure that orders can be delivered to customers in time” he said.

As the lockdown continues, more and more restaurants have started providing delivery services.

Milano is a Italian restaurant located in Middle St.

Milano's restaurant Galway
Photo by Yifeng Chen

Jennifer Daly of Milano’s said, “To be honest, As Italian food gets cold too easily, most customers prefer to eat in the restaurant but due to the pandemic, we decided to optimise our services to attract customers.”

“We sped up the delivery of food to ensure that it can be delivered to customers in good time. If our customers are willing to pick-up the food by themselves We will also provide the most professional possible services to them.” she said.

Milano's take away Galway
Photo by Yifeng Chen

Sometimes Milano even sends desserts as a gift to customers.

After the implementation of these measures, Milano’s takeaway business has become very popular. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Everybody’s life has been changed a lot in pandemic. But I believe if we can face it positively, it will become better. ” she said.

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