Galway City Council launches spring cleaning campaign to reduce pollution

Spring cleaning has come early to Galway this year, as the City Council has launched a major campaign to reduce pollution in the city.

The campaign, called “Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution”, aims to raise awareness about the best way to dispose of waste without impacting on the environment.

The City Council pointed out that due to Level 5 COVID-19 restrictions, many people have started spring cleaning earlier this year. But this poses the risk of increased pollution in the city. By launching this campaign, the City Council also wants to remind people that there is a safe and legal way to dispose of waste, and not to use illegal waste collectors.  

“In many cases, household waste from an unauthorised waste collector can end up in beauty spots in and around Galway City, such as our forests, beaches and parks. It can also end up near homes or estates and for those living nearby it’s really devastating to come across it. There is also the huge environmental cost on our local nature and biodiversity,” the Environmental Awareness Officer said. 

Galway City Council has provided a bulky goods collection service to help people dispose of waste correctly, and it is also the second Local Authority in the country to create a register of households availing of a waste collection service. 

“We are grateful to all the responsible businesses and householders who do the right thing for their communities and environment.  By being part of the solution, not part of the pollution, means we all are working together to keep Galway clean and green,” said the Senior Engineer for the Environment & Climate Change Department at Galway City Council. 

The City Council encourages people not only to dispose of their waste legally, but also to recycle when possible. Those who use an illegal waste collector could be fined up to €3,000. 

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