Final appeal for “Dear Galway…” pandemic project

By David O’Connor

Galway City Museum is asking Galwegians to compose a letter for future generations before the 1st of March.

As part of the “Dear Galway…” pandemic project, people are being asked to write about their experiences in living through a pandemic.

All submitted letters will form part of a digital archive for future generations, providing a window into the past.

Image courtesy of Galway City Museum

Ríona Egan, Marketing & Communications Officer for the Galway City Museum, has high hopes that the project will have a lasting effect on Galway.

“I hope that future Galwegians will be inspired by the strength and resilience of their predecessors whenever they themselves might be faced with such a crisis again,” she said.

Ms Egan observed that “our individual experiences differ from person to person. One thing that is definitely shared is suffering!”

Some of the public have found a coping mechanism in this opportunity. The different shapes and forms which the letters took was interesting to Ms Egan.

“So many have felt compelled to write poetry during the pandemic,” she said.

It seems that people are finding poetry to be a good conduit through which they can manifest their suffering.

One example was submitted by Liam O’Neill:

Scream Upon The Wave

“… half an arc, broken bow, funfair

Locked up while we lock down.

Yes, our nature is our nature,

As we scream upon the wave.”

Image courtesy of Galway City Museum

Laura O’Connor spoke about her experiences and struggles, whilst also finding a positive lesson amidst the chaos, “The biggest lesson for me has been that we need each other.”

Kathleen and Francis Cunningham wrote about when they received the vaccine on 7 January, “it was, I say the best day of our lives”.

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