Initiative launched to aid inclusion of women in golf clubs

By Louise Toal

A total of 24 golf clubs across the country do not have female members.

Golf Ireland has confirmed that only 22% of memberships are held by women as it launched a new initiative to set up aims to encourage more female golfers to the sport.

Each club has its own authority in implementing new policies which lead to a new initiative rolled out by the association.

The hope was to tackle the issue by encouraging all golf clubs to have a one club model that would make the sport a more inclusive one through the ‘Women in Golf Charter’.  

Photo courtesy of Golf Ireland

“Promoting equality is a key priority for Golf Ireland and we are committed to transforming golf into a sport that is fully inclusive for women and girls at all levels,” explained Golf Ireland CEO Mark Kennelly.

The programme aims to educate clubs and to help introduce or increase female participation from player to management level.

It also intends to lead the sport by setting examples and standards of inequality and inclusivity. The Women in Golf Charter will combine with the Golf Ireland Governance Guide and Level Par toolkit to form a significant resource for club development. 

Ladies Captain for Galway Golf Club, Ann O’Donohue said, “Galway Golf Club is committed to incorporating the ‘Women in Golf Charter’ in our policies. This represents a commitment to developing a more inclusive culture within golf and includes equality in relation to equal access to membership and access to playing the game.”

This sport has demonstrated it can be classed as a low-risk environment during the pandemic.

Golf Ireland has encouraged clubs to take the opportunity to recruit the widest possible audience in 2021, and from this create a more inclusive sport, allowing clubs to be in a more financially secure position for the future.

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